Big Cheese Production brand identity and development work

What’s the point of brand?

Your marketing brand is a set of guides that determine the style your message is delivered. It includes rules about colour, font, design style, image style, emotion, tonality and language. Altogether, these things add up to create your brand personality.

Your brand personality encourages specific feelings in your audience so they relate to your message. It creates a consistency of experience, making the audience familiar with your message and building strong, loyal relationships.

A strong brand personality will help your message be heard above competitors. We tend to remember people that stand out from the crowd, and your audience will remember your message more if it’s delivered with a unique and consistent voice.

You can take this whole brand thing as far as you like. In it’s simplest form, a brand can be just a logo but there’s so much more to it than that. The biggest corporations on this planet spend a lot of money developing and refining their brand personalities.

Check out these brand identity and development samples:
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