Big Cheese Productions graphic, art and illustration work

Graphic art and illustration.

There’s no real distinction between art, graphics, illustration and design, but for convenience’s sake we’ve kept the samples here to ones with a high degree of representation. They’re illustrative and create specific forms you might recognise.

We draw from a pretty wide range of skills and technologies to create these graphical artworks. In particular, we enjoy the bold colours and simplified forms of cartoon styles, but are also a dab hand at more textural, arty farty approaches.

And with some wizz bang computer equipment, we’ve got all the flexibility and power of digital imaging too. It’s the best of both worlds, really. There are gosh darn way too many creative peeps using computers today who have no idea how to draw.

Mastery of both drawing and computer skills fosters work of another calibre, evident through the examples here. But, of course, if you decide you really like generic stock images and clip art, we won’t hold that against you – there’s room for everyone.

Check out these graphic samples:
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