Big Cheese Productions interactive, animated and motion graphic work

Animated and interactive graphics.

We’re mostly using software to create dynamic, animated and interactive motion graphics. Hand drawn and stop-start animation techniques are no problem, but are more labour intensive and less frequently requested.

Our cheesy geeks are using programming languages like Actionscript, Javascript, Jquery and Parallax to make exciting online animation too.

Our moving masterpieces have been seen online and through extensive social media distribution, on national television and in cinemas, in corporate videos, in-store promotions and in multimedia presentations.

We’ve created for Vodafone, Jetstar, Audi, Ferrari, Weight Watchers, Sydney Olympic Park, Wahu Toys, several swanky restaurants any many other smaller clients. Check out some of our animated and interactive motion graphic samples here.

Check out these motion graphic samples:
Mama Baba cinema ad

Storyboard design, graphic animation and art direction of Melbourne restaurant Mama Baba 30 second cinema commercial, by Big Cheese Productions.

Audi web banner

This 300 X 250 MREC is pretty typical of the many animated web banners Big Cheese Productions have developed for Audi Australia.

Sassy Treats website intro

Short animated sequence created as a website landing page splash for Sassy Treats.

Maha restaurant promo clip

Animated sequence created by Big Cheese Productions to promote swanky restaurant Maha across Melbourne digital ad screen network.

St. Katherine’s restaurant promo clip

Animated sequence created by Big Cheese Productions to promote St. Katherine’s restaurant across Melbourne digital ad screen network.

Power Supplements animated web banner

Dramatic animated web banner created by Big Cheese Productions for Power Supplements promotion, based on established print campaign.

Jetstar animated online ad campaigns

Digital Flash animated banner created for an extensive Jetstar campaign by Big Cheese Productions, including 4 content phases and multiple media hosts.

Sydney Olympic Park big screen display

One in a series of festive animated clips, repeated prominently on Sydney Olympic Park’s big display screens.

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