Big Cheese Productions print design and production work

Print media is still cool, right?

Who needs print anymore? All around us, printed media is being translated into digital, but there’s a fair way to go before we find ourselves in a world of totally personalised, targeted digital media.


We’re getting there, but the sensates amongst us will agree there’s an aesthetic quality to printed media that is lost in digital. It’s the same reason that vinyl music recordings will never entirely be replaced by MP3s.


We still demand printed newspapers, books, magazines, stationery, posters, maps, stickers, packaging and many other print formats too. Designing a large scale outdoor banner requires very different considerations to designing an email newsletter.

You need to know that your designer is more than a digital cowboy and understands this, otherwise your marketing materials may not hit their mark. And we know all about print media, just look here.

Check out these print samples:
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